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Hale/Atkinson House on Mt. Rural
The Hale/Atkinson House on Mt. Rural, circa 1875. Picture courtesy of the Historical Society of Old Newbury, at the Cushing House Museum, 98 High St., Newburyport, MA.

High Street Master Plan

For information about the High Street Master Plan, Bike Lane Faq and the Essex National Heritage Commission Scenic Byway Press Release, Click Here.

Society for High Street

Founded to ensure the long-term preservation of this historic roadway. Our Mission is to: preserve the legacy of High Street for future generations; strengthen its architectural and horticultural assets; restore elements that contribute to its unique character; document and celebrate its history; so in the daily use it will continue to be a source of beauty for us all.
In the early 1970's Newburyport's historic downtown was in danger of being completely destroyed and replaced by a mall. Because of strong civic involvement by the city's residents, downtown is now beautifully restored and is a major source of revenue and the main reason for the city's economic rebirth.
Because of recent past threats to Newburyport's High Street, those of us who love this signature street need to remain vigilant. We need to make sure that High Street receives the same thoughtful treatment as Newburyport's historic downtown and that the street does not succumb to any inappropriate modernization.
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